Brighton Hip Hop - Latest Releases

Right here you'll find details on all Brighton-related releases from local labels and artists. We've gone back over most of the last 12 months (2004) to get the ball rolling, and we'll update whenever a new release drops.

Evil Ed - The Enthusiast LP (Janomi Records)
December 04

The Long awaited debut EP from Eastbourne/Brighton based producer dropped on local label Janomi at the end of last year.

The LP includeds 16 tracks and a whole host of guest DJ’s and MC’s including Jehst, Yungun, Microdisiacs, Doc Brown, Kyza, Richochet, Jibbarish, The Colony, Asaviour, Tommy Evans, Mr Thing, Dj Woody and Eddie Scratch amongst others.

Also featured on the long player are Brighton ‘s own Mr J, HP and Reptar from Lost Souls, and sometime Brighton resident DJ Ideal.

Tom Caruana -The Splice of Life Ep (Breaking Bread)
Vinyl only
November 04

Caruana’s very recently moved to the South Coast, and this is his debut EP on one of London's finest labels, Breaking Bread. 4 tracks plus instrumentals.

Fellow brighton based MC Dr Syntax pops up on vocal duties on the track 'Straight Up'

Other guests include Kashmere ,DPF, Arch and DJ IQ

Dirty Diggers - Diggers Don’t get days off EP (Zebra Traffic)
Vinyl only
November 04
'Diggers don't get days off'
The debut release from the Dirty Diggers, Young Max and Pat Stash on Brighton’s Zebra Traffic.

4 vocal cuts and instrumentals. For the Haters is a killer....

Evil Ed - Nico Suave 12” (Janomi)
Vinyl Only
October 04

The first single from Ed’s Enthusiast LP.

Side A features Yungun in Nico Suave mode, whilst the B-side is the non-lp bonus cut Weed featuring Jehst and Asaviour.

Skillmega - Biter Blocker EP (Cryogenics Recordings)
Vinyl only
October 04

All the vocal duties on this Ep are handled by Witchdocter Wise, Dan Fresh, Reps and Freaky D from Lost Souls. Production comes from Polish super producer OST, and the crew is completed by singer Amanda Stevens and DJ Rod Dixon

3 tracks, Instrumentals plus a remix

Rup - King Cnut 12" (Hear Today Records)
Vinyl Only
October 04


The first release from Brighton/London based label Hear Today, featuring 3 strong tracks from 27 Beats/Born Again Heads Mc Rup. Production comes from The Evil Sun and Steve Clear.. and it’s already virtually sold out, so grab a copy while you can.

Hundreth Monkey - Sick Little EP (Vinyl Store Reocrds)
Vinyl only.
September 04
Hundredth Monkey

Brighton MC’s pooping up on a Swiss label, as seasoned mic men Remark and Bandog
(formerly of Killa Instinct) team up to form Hundreth Monkey.

Only a handfull of copies of this even ever made it to the UK, so keep ya eyes peeled.

3 vocal tracks, 'Sick Little Monkeys' featuring Aleon, 'All You See' and 'Slaying Mantis' featuring Last Resort, plus a remix by Sons of the Tribe

27 Beats - Death Jam 7” (27 Beats)
Vinyl only.
September 04
Not strictly speaking a local release, but the Death Jamm posse cut features B-town rappers HP and Johncept alongside See Rup and Kope. Limited to 200 copies, all with individual hand-drawn covers, there's a solo Rup track on the flip.

Digi-Tek- Keep the World Guessing LP (Zebra Traffic)
June 04

Digi-Tek are one of Brighton’s best established crews, made up of Buzz and Junior Red on the mic and Pablo and Warwick on production, they are the first local act to sign to local label Zebra Traffic.

Fellow Brighton resident Devise pops up for a guest spot on the track ‘Scientific’ and the South Coast Radio skit is a favorite amongst local heads for it’s use of a fat handfull of local tracks mashed together.

Sons of The Tribe -Cobwebs EP (Super Dope Fresh Recordings)
Vinyl & CD
May 04

Local live dons Sons of the Tribe make their vinyl debut after some well recieved Cd only releases. 2 tracks, plus instrumentals.

Side A is Cobwebs, a storming team up with Hundreth Monkey MC’s Bandog and Remark, whilst side B sees the full band in effect on Halfway Home.

Non Conformists - Hold The Sanity 12” (Level 9 recordings)
Vinyl only
May 04

It’s been a long time coming! The Non Cons are one of, if not the longest standing crew in Brighton but believe it or not this is their first ever release. 3 tracks plus instrumentals with Real D and Kode on Mic duties and Kode and Richie Cunningham on the boards.

Digi-Tek - Clipper Ripper 12” (Zebra Traffic)
Vinyl only
March 04

The debut Digi single is a sure fire dance floor killer. 'Clipper Ripper' on the A side tells the tale of lighter thievery, while 'Cyann do that' on the flip lets you know the Digi -Tek M.O.


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