Brighton Hip Hop - Downloads

Welcome to the downloads section. All these tunes, and the rather beautiful brighton hip hop wallpaper, are FREE for you to download.

We'll be changing the tunes available from month to month in order to expose as much of the fine talent in this city as possible, so if you want something grab it now!

And we're always after new stuff, so anyone outhere who wants there material on the site, just get in touch.

Free mp3 downloads

A brightonhiphop exclusive from the Skillmega boys, lyrics by Dan Fresh, Reps and Wise - Produced by OSTR.

Long time Brighton crew NonCons in a reflective mood. Lyrics by Kode & Real D, Produced by Kode & Richie Cunningham. Check out

The Hypercondriacs are former Metaphorce MC Debut 75, producer Double Czeckin and Scratch Supremo Iye - 95. Taken from their forthcoming single.

MC's Remark and Bandog's "Sick Little...", Remixed by Rob Crespo from The Sons of the Tribe. A snippet from the Hundredth Monkey "Sick Little EP", which is out now.

Syntax and Enlish heating up the beat to "The Champ is Here", an exerpt from the forthcoming Imagineers Mixtape.

Instrumental action from the mysterious Digital Midgets.

Desktop Wallpaper

Treat your desktop to a Brighton Hip Hop wallpaper. Choose your screen size. Let the picture load then right-click and 'Set as Background/Wallpaper'...

This wallpaper was designed by Tom from the WHYartgroup. Photo's from Clever Looking Summer Jam 2003. Contact [email protected]

Summer Jam wallpaper download

The OG Brighton HipHop wallpaper, designed by the multi talented Delarge.

Brighton Hip Hop wallpaper download


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